Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ooops has it really been a month!

Hi Everyone, gosh I can't believe its been a month since I last posted something, its been a bit crazy the last while. So what have I been up to! Well i just created two of the Clarity samples from Aprils New Designs Stamps... the Bird Cage. I must say I really do love Clarity's Stamps, and with all the techniques that Barbara shares, it just makes them extra special, don't you think?

So the first card, that I made a stab as is the Guilding Flakes Two-Tone:

I made it as per Barbara's Project sheet, except that I used Autumn Guilding Flakes and for the center of the card, I added gold and white perfect pearls. Then I mounted it onto Black Clarity Card.

For the Leafy Swirl in Blue, I followed Barbara's project sheet but I did add some stamps from the Bird Cage Lesson, in Black Archival. I then added an outline around the outside using a promarker.

The other reason for doing these cards was to get some practice in before I head of to the Clarity Retreat in Cowden in two weeks.... wahoooooo I cannot wait... gotta go get some more practice in ;-) I will post more  on Cowden!!


  1. Both lovely Claire x Looking forward to seeing you again in Cowden. Are we getting excited? Yaaaaay x

  2. He he yes indeedy Janet, so looking forward to catching up with u, and seeing what projects we'll be doing.